Wonderful Game Emulator 3 ds

Nintendo emulateur 3ds is freeware closed source software by XxPainx v 1.1.5. Users, who download it on Windows or MAC OS, can play nintendo 3DS games on their system without hassle. Nintendo 3DS emulator by Sanuxxe v 1.3.5 enables emulation of Nintendo 3DS on systems having Windows or Mac OS operating systems.

The App is available with highly valuable options like turn the screen to right, turn the screen to left, pause or play or restart the console and run at actual speed of the console or double it. It helps in controlling the game at different stages to make it more exciting and dashing. This emulator provides true experience of 3D games.

To play games, just download the archive and unzip to desktop. Now double click the software and go to File tab. Make choice for 3DS ROMs and select them. Save the game by clicking Save button for use of game in future. Enjoy wonderful 3DS games as Pokémon X, Y, Super Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem Awakening, New Super Mario Bros 2, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Legends of Zelda, Animal crossing New Leaf Mario Cart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario and Luigi Bros Dream Team and number of other exciting ones. Most of the games are 100% functional and compatible on software.

Software is easy to use and needs no installation. Just go through the instructions of the website to achieve perfection in playing 3D games. Updating of emulator is done from time to time to get rid of various problems encountered in its running. The software design is simple, efficient and perfect to easily learn its functioning.

Emulateur 3ds is a type of program which is must for systems when new 3d games are launched. It corrects anomalies automatically. It is definitely user-friendly. It has improved features like more screens frozen during backups and improved FPS of good quality. Do not miss this great opportunity to have it on system for free.

Software is capable of adjusting itself automatically as per resolution of the screen in system to modify 3D effect at the time of playing 3DS games on it. It is easy to use with graphical interface of simple type. Use high end graphic cards in personal computer to enjoy thrills of 3DS games with this emulator. Hardcore gamers always prefer it, as new launched games are mostly over 3DS.

Users can report bugs to developer of the software. In return, better implementation of the software is promised. In its new version it does not freeze in case you try to save slight increase of fps for Windows 8. It is region free. You can change resolution while opening emulator for the first time. You can have the screen more pixilated.

With illegal BIOS, Emulateur 3ds does not run. So to have wonderful thrilling experience of 3D games, always use original authentic BIOS to have fun. After setting configuration one can enjoy running of 3DS and DS ROMs without any obstruction.